A Possible Reading List and Resource Guide

  1. Theatre Theories

– Boleslavsky, Richard: Acting: The First Six Lessons

– Pender, Judith: Acting: What to Do

 – Stanislavski, Constantin: An Actor Prepares, Building a Character, & Creating a Role

  1. Plays & Inspirational Texts/Videos

Brecht, Bertolt: The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui

-Bogart, Anne: A Director Prepares & And Then, You Act

-Gilbert, Elizabeth: Eat, Pray, Love

-Hellman, Lillian: The Children’s Hour

-Hemingway, Ernest: A Memorable Feast

– Ibsen, Henrik: A Doll’s House and Hedda Gabler

-Miller, Arthur: All My Sons, A View from the Bridge, Death of a Salesman, and After the Fall

-Rodenburg, Patsy: Why I do Theatre [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

-TED Talks

-Williams, Tennessee: The Glass Menagerie, Streetcar Named Desire, etc… (I would suggest getting a collection of his works)

-Vonnegut, Kurt: Slaughter House Five, Breakfast of Champions, Sirens of Titans

  1. Books I Have Not Read but Seem Important

-Boal, Augusto: Theatre of the Oppressed

-Brecht, Bertolt: Brecht on Theatre: The Development of Aesthetic

-Esslin, Martin: The Theatre of the Absurd

-McAuley, Gay: Space in Performance: Making Meaning in the Theatre

-Meisner, Sanford: Sanford Meisner on Acting

-Senelick, Laurence: The American Stage: Writing on Theatre from Washington Irving to Tony Kushner

Resources for Theatre Research

  1. Journals (On JSTOR, access through Abel Library)

-America Drama

-American Theatre

-The Drama Review

-Educational Theatre Journal

-Theatre Journal

-Cambridge Histories Online

  1. Websites

-Internet Broadway Database: http://www.ibdb.com/

-Library of Congress Online Database: http://www.loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html

-WorldCat (via Abel)- Biggest Library in the World



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