Unethical Acts: Tzachi Zamir (Jayden Stumbaugh)

The example of quality academic writing that I decided to share is Tzachi Zamir‘s 2012 article Unethical Acts. Winning The Philosphical Quarterly’s 2012 prize for most distinguished essay, this work discuses the ethical dilemmas proposed by dramatic acting. Divided into several sections, Zamir’s work first strives to give technical context (regarding the profession of acting) to subjects of possible ethical concern. Zamir then offers and explains an example through which we may analyze such a subject, before refuting two potential responses to ethical reservations within the craft. This essay concludes through suggesting that a “value-related ambiguity can be a means through which an important and evasive source of the distinctiveness of acting as a performing art can be understood”. The subject matter of this work is one that I feel is very rarely and directly spoken about, lending to its potential for active discussion. I also enjoyed the reading of this work due to Zamir’s ability in acknowledging separate points of view while still providing personal assumptions. The quality of this work serves to be as valid of a function in its readability as its content does.

Unethical Acts


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