Theatre Practices in a Different Way (Kaitlyn)

using theatre for sexual assault prevention interventions

For this week’s academic article, I found something quite different from what we have been reading. This article is titled “Using Theater of the Oppressed to Prevent Sexual Violence on College Campuses” by M. Candace Christensen. The literature looks at how methods from Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed” were implemented in different colleges’ sexual assault prevention programs. Specifically, the paper offered 5 quantitative and 3 qualitative studies that show just how these performance based programs reveal thoughts on sexual assault in colleges and active ways to educate about it.

I chose to look at this article (linked below) for three reasons. First, due to its content and form of publication, this article is written in a more scientific manner (though it’s actually a literature review). Due to this, I found it very difficult to read. However, I thought it was important to address such a different format to show theatre’s far reaching capabilities. Second, the article is looking at sexual assault in college students, something that is relatable to us (in a context we could understand). Lastly, I thought this article was an interesting because it shows how theatre practices could be used as a means of social change in a subject that is not exclusively theatre. To me, that shows just how powerful and multi-faceted theatre can be.


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