Another Bogart Chapter: Content (Kaitlyn)

This chapter is vital to looking at theatre and its purpose in the modern world. Content really looks at the idea of how theatre and community relate to one another. Bogart defines content as ‘the meaning or message contained within a creative work as distinct from its container, exterior appearance, façade, form or style” (107). For theatre, she distinguishes that the content, the message, is other people; it’s how we, as human beings, relate to one another. The idea that theatre is needed in order to look at ourselves (individually and as a society) and figure out what we need to look at, focus on, and share with one another. Bogart shares that some ways to do this are:

  1. Begin with necessity
  2. Develop perception
  3. Find out what is missing
  4. Learn what you need to know
  5. Develop patience

On a personal note, this chapter speaks deeply to my values as a practitioner of theatre. I have developed two strong beliefs about theatre: 1) Theatre (and art in general) is about community, both within a show and with an audience and 2) Theatre can be a tool to point something out in society that needs to be examined. This chapter hits these two points straight one. Also, this actually resonates well with the observation Kendall and I noticed about how little to no plays have been written or performed that examine college shootings despite their prevalence in America.


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