Career/Life Goals (Kaitlyn)

This is a difficult task and I’m not sure I articulated everything I wanted. But I tried:

Career Goals:

  • Graduate with a degrees in Theatre and History
  • Attend Graduate School for either Theatre History & Performance, Theatre Education, American Studies (with special focus on musical theatre’s impact on American Culture), Museum education, or Public History (maybe looking at how dramatic performance can help connect history to the public) OR get a great job/internship (that at least allowed me to pay rent and eat).
  • Get an internship/job either at a theatre (particularly a children’s theatre), museum, or cultural center
  • I really want to work with people. I don’t like this idea of art, theatre, or history as being so elite and academic that the public can’t enjoy it. I hope to be both an advocate of the fine arts and a connection point between the public and the arts.
  • Also, at some point, I really want to work at a children’s theatre. I love kids and I think people (including kids themselves) don’t realize the talent and potential they have. I would love to help them discover it and show it to the world.

General Life Goals:

  • Get a job
  • Pay off student loans
  • Get married
  • Have children (and truly be there to support and love them)
  • Volunteer to help my community in whatever way I can
  • Continue acting and being involved in theatre (outside of the job)
  • If I ever have a significant amount of money, give back to the arts

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