Three Professionals (Kaitlyn)

Here are three professionals in theatre history/dramaturgy I would like to meet:

  1. Dr. Faedra Carpenter – She is a theatre historian, dramaturg, and professor at the University of Maryland at College Park (a graduate school I am applying for). I have emailed her today and waiting for a reply.
  2. Lauren Halvorsen– She is currently the literary associate at the Studio Theatre in Washington DC. She has dramaturged on multiple projects and was a literary manager of the Alley Theatre in Houston, TX.
  3. Anne Hamilton– She is a freelance dramaturg and the founder of Hamilton Dramaturgy, which acts as a consultant service for new playwrights in New York City. She has worked with many notable people and theatre companies. She also has a podcast called Theatrenow! , which interviews with female theatre artists in the United States (which I planning to start listening to). Here is the link if you want to explore it with me: chose these women because they are examples of how a career in theatre, specifically theatre history, can allow for a variety of careers including professorship, dramaturg, literary manager, and consultant. I’m not sure how my career will go, but it’s comforting to see that there are endless amount of paths one can take.

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