Manifesto Date and Research Commitment (Kaitlyn)

As a class, we have decided that we would like to present our manifestos on the Wednesday of Finals Week (December 9th) and we would like to keep the audience relatively small (as of right now).

For my research commitment, I still wish to look at the Living Newspapers but I am not so sure how much I want to connect it to documentary theatre. I do to a certain point, but I think I’d like the bulk of my work to focus on what are living newspapers, what are their structures (and provide examples), and look at if/why they were successful in giving out their social message, maybe then connecting its successful to similar genre’s that developed in late 20th & early 21th century. I commit to researching with both primary and secondary documents, looking at books about the Living Newspaper and the artistic atmosphere of the Depression, scripts of some living newspapers, and documentation of the federal theatre project via Hallie Flanagan’s biography and the Library of Congress online archive.


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